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What is Medical Oncology?

Medical Oncology is an umbrella term which includes various kinds of therapies utilized to beat the deadliest disease of our time – cancer. To summarise it, one can attribute the prevention, detection and treatment of cancer to this branch of medicinal science. It includes various therapies including chemotherapy, immunotherapy, hormonal therapy, palliative therapy and targeted therapy. At Oncore Ahmedabad, our vision is to combine these methods with other oncological techniques and provide optimum and impeccable treatment to the Indian population. We understand the hardships that cancer comes with and the amount of care that a patient needs. This is why we have talented and trained experts who specialise in home/ambulatory chemotherapy in addition to daycare chemotherapy. At Oncore, we have facilities available for every form of cancer. From solid tumours to haematological cancers, we’ve brought the best treatments of the world to aid our fellow citizens.

Novel Services Provided by OnCore Team

In India, cancer care, diagnosis and treatment are yet to match the technological advancements of the West. To provide premium and complete treatment, OnCore Ahmedabad is a team of cancer experts which includes doctors like Dr. Ashish M. Kaushal, Dr. Manasi Shah, Dr. Viraj Lavingia, Dr. Priyanka Patel, Dr. Anupa Joshipura, who serve different procedures of cancer using different novel services. With such an esteemed line-up of senior oncologists, we believe that we can curb the prevalent cancer problem.

Our Doctors Team

Dr. Ashish M. Kaushal
Director – Medical Oncology

MD, DM (Medical Oncology) & European Certified Medical Oncologist

Dr. Manasi Shah
Consultant – Medical Oncologist

Dr. Manasi Shah is a Medical Oncologist and Hematologist Consultant at HCG Cancer Centre.

Dr. Viraj Lavingia
Consultant – Medical Oncologist

Dr. Viraj Lavingia joined HCG Ahmedabad in 2018 following a successful association with Apollo CBCC.

Dr. Priyanka Patel
Consultant - Medical Oncology

Dr. Priyanka Patel an experienced oncologist obtaining rich experience in managing solid tumors, malignant hematological conditions.

Dr. Anupa Joshipura
Consultant – Medical Oncology

Dr. Anupa Joshipura is a Pediatric Consultant Oncologist at HCG Cancer Centre.


Cancer Screening

Cancer Screening tests help find specific types of cancer before signs or symptoms appear.

Cancer Vaccines

Vaccines, also called vaccinations, are medicines that help the body fight disease. They can train the immune system to recognize and destroy harmful substances. There are 2 types of cancer vaccines: 1)Prevention vaccines. 2)Treatment vaccines.

Cool Caps(Scalp Hypothermia)

Scalp hypothermia is cooling the scalp with ice packs or cooling caps (cold caps) for a period of time before, during, and after each chemotherapy (chemo) treatment to try to prevent or reduce hair loss.

What is Targeted Therapy?

Targeted therapy is a special type of chemotherapy that takes advantage of differences between normal cells and cancer cells. It’s sometimes used alone, but most often other cancer treatments are used with targeted therapy.

What Our Patients Say

My father is getting treatment in this hospital and is treated by Dr Viraj Lavingia the hospital is very good the Dr V. Lavingia is a very helpful person give us a good advice that is best for my dad and the staff over here is so kind and helpful.

Anupa Parmar

One of the best hospital I have ever found, along with their staff. Specially doctors are so kind. Dr. Digvijay sir is a master Surgeon. Dr. Mansi mam is so kind nature, she's treat well and take very much care of patient. I'm very happy with the hospital. Now patient is very good. Thanks to all doctors n hospital staff.

Sudhir Shah

My son is getting treatment under Dr. Anupa joshipura, He is much better now, initially was very weak, doctors and hospital staff are too good, and I am very happy with all the treatment going on. Thank you everyone.

Chen Singh Rathor

Since 4 months of treatment done for my sister in law by Dr Mr. Aashishbhai Kaushal .on first day of diagnoses Mr.Dr.Aashishbhai responded and given superb advice & even all doctors & hospital staff responded very well. We are happy for all done well & fully satisfied....Great job done by Dr. Mr Aashishbhai Kaushal & staff members & all doctors...once again thank you sir 👌

Haroon Devdiwala

I have been under treatment for Lymphoma, during the Year: 2017, at HCG Cancer Center, Ahmedabad under the close supervision of an expert doctor in the field of Oncology, Dr Aashish Kaushal, Director & Head, Deptt. of Medical Oncology, followed by review & consulting every three months afterwards till now. Since beginning, I have found Dr Aashish Kaushal to be one of the best, experienced & quite methodological & have a personal touch with his patient in his approach in medication, resulting in excellent results in the Treatment . During Chemotherapy & afterwards, I have found the working staff at HCG Cancer Center to be most caring & considerate. Cleanliness, treatment & hospitality from medical point of view is excellent at the Center. Recommend others also to avail the facility for a better today healthy tomorrow. Thanks, by Dr Vijai Pratap Singh, Ahmedabad.

Dr Vijai Pratap Singh

One of the finest place for cancer treatment. My father is getting treated under Dr. Viraj Lavingia . I am very thankful to him for the treatment and support emotionally to my father. Overall my questions are answered and proper response was given to each question answered.

Pushkar Shukla