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Oncology Aesthetics

Oncology Aesthetics

A callous treatment for a disease like cancer can take a toll on a patient’s mental, physical and emotional well-being. OnCore focusses on a 360-care of its patients and hence, our oncology aesthetics therapy helps the patients in the mentioned aspects. From special spa treatments to skin-care, this service will include returning your appearance and emotional stability to its former glory.

Due to an increase of cancer statistics in today’s world, and with many more patients and survivors now seeking out relaxation and quality of life through the spa environment, advanced education in oncology aesthetics is becoming very necessary, to ensure the best treatment and care for clients going through cancer treatment.

The Benefits

When a practitioner is not well versed on the different needs of someone going through cancer treatment, they can accidentally cause damage to the skin and lead to a negative experience for the customer. Because of the harsh nature of cancer therapies, the person’s skin is often never quite the same as it was – meaning that different protocols need to be in place for these situations. The skin should be treated with extreme care and often treatments will need to be done slowly and carefully – extra time may need to be booked for these treatments.

The protocol for the treatment will vary greatly, and will likely also change from patient to patient. Someone who went through a much less aggressive form of treatment may not need the same care as someone who went through a very aggressive treatment – but, cancer affects each person on an individual basis. In some cases, that could work completely the opposite. Type of cancer, type of treatment, length of treatment and medications will all come into play when deciding how to work with a patient, and as such, the esthetician should have a solid knowledge base on how these things affect the skin differently.